Introduction to Algorithms

This web page details teaching modules related to basic algorithms that are under development at the ANU. Modules are written in LaTeX and published in three formats: MathML, Post Script (PS), and the Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need to configure your browser correctly to view the MathML versions of the documents (see"Note on MathML").

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Note on MathML

To view the MathML documents you will need a MathML compliant browser:

Module Listing
Module 1 - Introduction to Algorithms
Module 2 - Data Structures 1
Module 3 - Data Structures 2
Module 4 - Graphs
Module 5 - Design of Algorithms
Example Python Code

Some of the Python code examples import shared Python files. Thus, it is better to download all the code into a local directory before running. For your convenience, the code has been packaged up into archives of different formats. Both contain the same code and choice of which to download is entirely up to you.

When executed individually, each Python source file will run its test script. For example "python" will run the binary heap test. Alternatively, running "python" will run all the test scripts automatically.

More information about the Python programming language can be found at