RSL Projects

Mobile Robot

Mobile robotics projects

The aim of these projects is to develop a robust and reliable mobile robot for long term operations. A teleoperation interface is also being developed to permit web based control in a laboratory environment.

Intelligent Vehicle Project

The aim of this project is to develop an intelligent vehicle to conduct intellegent vehicle systems research.

Autonomous Submersible Robots

The aim of this project is to build an autonomous submersible robot for research purposes. This robot will enable investigation of the fundamental problems of autonomous operation of underwater vehicles.

Fast SMA Motion

Actuators based on shape memory alloys (SMA) are potentially useful in robotics, but are currently too slow and inaccurate. This project aims to develop new control strategies to improve both the speed and accuracy of SMA actuators.

RSL Past Projects


Reinforcement Learning

This project looks at using reinformcement learning algorithms to control real robots.

High-Performance Binocular Active Vision

The aim of the RSL Active Vision group is to provide robust high performance, high precision "active" vision sensors for vision research across a variety of disciplines including, autonomous robot navigation and human/robot interaction.
Gazing head

Stereo Tracking for Head Pose and Gaze Point Estimation

A system has been developed which tracks the pose of a person's head and estimates their gaze-point in real-time.

Visual Interface for Human-Robot Interaction

In this project a visual interface is developed which will allow the visual and tactile interaction between a human operator and a robot arm. Aspects of this project are real-time computer vision and open-loop force control for safe interaction between a manipulator and a person.
WAM arm

Dextrous Manipulator

A challenging mechatronics problem is the control of a robot arm equipped with a dextrous hand for skillful manipulation tasks. Our ultimate goal is to mount the robot arm-hand on a mobile platform which will allow research of the performance of skillful tasks such as opening and passing through doors.

A Gesture Interface to Virtual Environments

Interfacing with 3D virtual environments is a challenging problem. This project aims to develop a gesture-based interface to a virtual workbench using vision systems for real-time hand-tracking.

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