People at the RSL

Academic Staff

Dr. David Austin (Research Fellow)
Dr. Roy Featherstone (Fellow)
Prof. Alex Zelinsky (Professor, Head of RSL)
Dr. Uwe Zimmer (Fellow)

Support Staff

Peter Brown (Software Engineer)
Jason Chen (Engineer)
Luke Cole (Technician)

Graduate Students

Nicholas Apostaloff
Rowel O. Atienza (Project)
Luke Fletcher (Project)
Roland Goecke (Project)
Grant Grubb (Project)
Pakpong Jantapremjit (Project)
Gareth Loy (Project)
Leanne Matuszyk (Project)
Yueshi Shen (Project)
Chanop Silpa-Anan (Project)
Simon Thompson (Project)

Past Members


Dr. Samer Abdallah (American Beirut University)
Tim Edwards (Seeing Machines)
Ali Goktogan (Australian Centre for Field Robotics)
Dr. Yoshio Matsumoto (NAIST)
Dr. Rhys Newman (Speed Trap)
Dr. Sebastien Rougeaux (Seeing Machines)
Harley Truong (Engineer)
Dr. Ken Taylor (CSIRO)
Dr. David Wettergreen (CMU Robotics Institute)


Andrew Brooks (Graduate Student MIT)
Gordon Cheng (ETL)
Jochen Heinzmann (Seeing Machines)
David Jung
Chris Gaskett (Project)
Rochelle O'Hagan (Project)


Dr. Phillipe Gaussier
Dr. Isao Hara (Electrotechnical Laboratory, Japan)
Jacob Lildballe (Technical University of Denmark, DTU)
Giovanni Bianco (University of Brescia, Italy)
Koren Ward (University of Wollongong)

RSL Phone Book


The Forrest Primary School visiting our Lab



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