HCSNet Workshop on the Use of Vision in HCI - VisHCI 2006

ANU, Canberra, 1-3 November 2006

In cooperation with RSISE, NICTA Canberra and Seeing Machines

Keynote Speakers

We are proud to announce a number of invited keynote addresses by high-profile international and national speakers at VisHCI 2006.

Iain Matthews (Homepage)
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA
  • Keynote
    Fast and Accurate Active Appearance Models
Gerasimos Potamianos (Homepage)
IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Yorktown, USA
  • Keynote 1
    Audio-Visual Speech Processing: Progress and Challenges
  • Keynote 2
    Audio-Visual Technologies for Lecture and Meeting Analysis inside Smart Rooms
David Powers (Homepage)
Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia
  • Keynote
    Vision in HCI: Embodiment, Multimodality and Information Capacity

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