ICAPS 2011 International Probabilistic Planning Competition (IPPC)

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Current and Past Planning Competitions
Subsequent 2014 Discrete track and 2015 Continuous track using RDDL.

IPPC 2011 Final Competition Evaluation Information

Thanks to Amazon for a research grant that covered all Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) costs for the competitors and organizers.

IPPC 2011 Competitors

Language Change this Year to RDDL!

Offered RDDL Translations

For this IPPC, we provide translations from RDDL to all of the following formats:

Translators exist for the following, but are not provided:

To run the translator yourself, see the INSTALL.txt instructions in the rddlsim project.

Competition Format (all tracks)



Competition Schedule


Q: Why switch from PPDDL to RDDL for this year's IPPC?

Q: Sorry, I don't have time to read the RDDL documentation. In brief, what is the new expressiveness that RDDL offers?

Q: If RDDL is so expressive, who will be able to compete?

Q: What drove the development of RDDL?

Q: Aside from RDDL, were there are any other objectives in running this year's competition?