This project aims to create a mobile robot system capable of continous operation in a real world environment. This requires a robust navigation and localisation system as well as a mechanism for docking at a recharging station. Also the robot will be controlled through teleoperation over the internet so safe operation and interation is a priority.

This project investigates the use of stereo vision for mobile robot navigation. In particular using a stereo active head for depth map creation. It is closely linked to the Autonomous Vehicle Project.

This project aims to create a robust navigation and localisation system using a panoramic visual sensor. Using visual landmarks, topological maps can be built which combine efficient global localisation and accurate local positioning. Hierachical mapping and probabilistic localisation are also being investigated.

This project aims to build mobile robot systems which learn over time, thus producing robots which can operate in highly dynamic environments. Approaches to this are detecting change in the environment and reasoning about how things change over time.

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