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This project aims to create a mobile robot system capable of continous operation in a real world environment. This requires a robust navigation and localisation system as well as a mechanism for docking at a recharging station. Also the robot will be controlled through teleoperation over the internet so safe operation and the user interface are further research areas.


This project aims to solve the challenge of developing a mobile robot capable of autonomous operation in semi-structured environments (our office) for long periods of time.

The project consists of three major components:

  1. Localisation and navigation system: At the moment, we are using software kindly supplied by Sebastian Thrun. In the future, this will be replaced by our own system called DROS.
  2. Recharging station: In order to operate for extended periods, the robot must have a method for recharging its batteries. The recharging station allows this.
  3. Web interface: A web interface has been developed to allow users on the Internet to control our robot. The web interface can be found here.

For more information, contact David Austin