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"Driver Assistance: Contemporary Road Safety"

Andrew Dankers, Luke Fletcher, Lars Petersson, Alex Zelinsky.

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The Robotic Systems Lab (RSL) was established in October 1996 to undertake research projects with the R3 constraint. R3 means Real-robots working in the Real-world in Real-time.

The Robotic Systems Lab is part of the Department of Systems Engineering of the Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering. Prof. Alex Zelinsky is the head of the research team. The team consists of a group of 4 academics, 3 research support staffs, 8 PhD students and 2 Master students.

The main research fields are co-operative robot systems, mobile robot navigation, active vision, robot learning and human-robot/computer interaction.

Also collaborative projects have been established including mobile robots with Prof. Shin'ichi Yuta at the Intelligent Robot Laboratory (Tsukuba University), submersible robots with Prof. Hugh Durrant-Whyte at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics (Sydney University) ,and human-robot interaction with Dr. Yasuo Kuniyoshi and Dr. Toshihiro Matsui at the Intelligent Systems Division (Electrotechnical Lab).

The Robotic Systems Lab is also a member of the ANU Centre for Visual Science. We also work in computer vision research with Prof. Richard Hartley in the Department of Systems Engineering.

The Robotic Systems Lab launched its first start-up company, Seeing Machines in December 2000. The company was founded by researchers and engineers from the laboratory, and industrial research supported by Volvo Technological Development Corp.

Details of RSL opportunities in Post-Doctoral research, as well as other academic and general staff opportunities, are available on the RSL Positions Vacant page. Students who are interested in joining RSL should read the Postgraduate Studies web page for further information.

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