NotYASS (Not Yet Another Seminar Series)

NotYASS is a regular gathering of mathematicians, computer scientists, philosophers and other such riff raff. We meet approximately fortnightly anywhere beer is served to discuss wild and crazy things. Each session one person is designated to lead the discussion on a topic of their choosing. Below are the rough outlines of past and future sessions. If you would like to lead a session and/or be added to the mailing list, then contact Jon at Jonathan(dot)Cohen(at)anu(dot)edu(dot)au. Replace (dot)s with dots and (at) with at.

The original Call for Interest

Sessions (click on the date for an abstract):

Monday 14 November:  Jason Grossman

Wednesday 2 November: Jonathan Manton

Wednesday 19 October:  Alan Hájek

Wednesday 10 August:   Kenny Easwaran

Wednesday 27 July:   Justin Fisher

Wednesday 13 July: Gillian Russell

Wednesday 22 June:  David Chalmers

Wednesday 8 June:  Charles Gretton

Wednesday 25 May:  Bob Meyer

Wednesday 4 May:  Christian Rau

Wednesday 20 April:  Greg O'Keefe

Wednesday 7 April:  Tomasz Kowalski

Wednesday 16 March:  Jon Cohen