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Ivan Nikolayevitsh Panin was born in Russia in 1855 and emigrated first to Germany and then to the United States. In 1878 he entered Harvard University, writing in the Book of Records that he was "self-taught". Four years later, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. During the first year of his university studies he took several mathematics units but obtained mediocre grades. After graduation he became known for his lectures on Russian literature.

In 1890, Panin believed he had discovered amazing patterns in the Hebrew text of the Psalms, and soon afterwards in the Greek text of the New Testament. Thereafter, until his death in 1942, he devoted his life to this investigation, leaving over 40,000 pages of notes. A sampling of his discoveries were published, and are still being published repeatedly.

Representative samples of Panin's work can be found here and here.

Similar patterns can be found anywhere

Here are some examples.

Too many cooks

R. McCormack also found incredible patterns in the Greek text of the New Testament. Some of the links above refer to both Panin and McCormack. Read why this is a serious problem for believers in Panin's patterns.

The last twelve verses of MarkPanin

Panin's work on the last twelve verses of the Gospel of Mark is undoubtedly the most impressive of all his publications. Ken Smith discovered that the work actually shows how Panin designed the patterns himself by doctoring the text.

Find your own Panin patterns!

We are delighted to present our program "Panin's Panic", which can find Panin patterns in any English text. Unfortunately, you will need a C compiler that supports 64-bit arithmetic (such as many versions of gcc).

If you have the expertise to make executables for non-UNIX computers, such as PCs or Macs, please contact me.

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