In Search of Mathematical Miracles

Over the years, many claims have been made of miraculous patterns occurring beneath the text of sacred texts. Included are the Hebrew scriptures, the Greek text of the New Testament, the Arabic text of the Qur'an, and even the Book of Mormon.

This page contains a collection of resources on the subject. Our position is sceptical, and that is reflected in our choice of material.

Ivan Panin and friends

Ivan Panin was a Russian emigrant who claimed to have discovered numerical patterns in the Hebrew scriptures and in the Greek text of the New Testament. His patterns involved counting of letters and words as well as gematria (numerical values of letters).

Torah Codes

Also called "Bible Codes" after Michael Drosnin's best-seller, these claims are the most serious. Words and phrases are found by picking equally spaced letters from the Hebrew text of the Torah.

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