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I am a Research Fellow in the Signal Processing Group, Research School of Engineering at the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra Australia. I obtained my Bachelor of Engineering with Honours Degree, specialising in electrical engineering, at the University of Auckland where I received a Senior Scholar Award for first in my cohort.

My research interests include image and other forms of signal processing. I am interested in representations, concentration, dimensionality and sampling of signals with spherical geometry. I received my Ph.D. in Engineering from the ANU in Aug. 2017. The topic of my thesis was the application driven development of signal processing techniques for the collection and processing of signals with spherical geometry. Some applications I have worked on are estimating the intra-voxel fibre structure in diffusion magnetic resonance imaging, localised reconstruction of geological signals on the Earth's surface, and the sampling and reconstruction of the head-related transfer function in acoustics. My postdoctoral work continues on from the work on applying spherical signal processing techniques to diffusion magnetic resonance imaging carried out during my PhD.