Homepage of Aditya Krishna Menon

Senior Research Scientist
Data61/CSIRO (erstwhile NICTA), Canberra, Australia

Honorary Lecturer
Research School of Computer Science, CECS
The Australian National University (ANU)

Email: aditya.menon followed by data61.csiro.au.

Biography [-]

I'm a senior research scientist at Data61/CSIRO (erstwhile National ICT Australia [NICTA]), and an adjunct honorary lecturer at the ANU School of Research and Computer Science. I work on machine learning and its applications.

I completed my honours in Computer Science from the University of Sydney in 2006 under the supervision of Sanjay Chawla. I completed my PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego in 2013 under the supervision of Charles Elkan. From May 2013 -- June 2016, I was a researcher in the machine learning group at NICTA. From June 2016 onwards, I have been a senior research scientist at Data61/CSIRO.

Here is a copy of my CV.

Research Interests [-]

I am broadly interested in the design and analysis of machine learning algorithms for (weakly) supervised learning problems occuring in practice. Specific areas of interest include:

Publications [-]

Other interests [+]