Lexing Xie
Senior Lecturer / Fellow of Computer Science
The Australian National University.
I'm also affiliated with NICTA.
my firstname dot lastname at anu dot edu dot au
  • 2015-01 New course! Website for "The Art of Computing" is up, look forward to a fun semester of computational thinking (and tinkering : )
  • 2014-11 Our paper "Choosing Basic-Level Concept Names using Visual and Language Context" (pdf) will appear at IEEE WACV 2015. We're proud to have a system that learns basic-level categories for thousands of categories and hundreds of thousands of images from web images.
  • 2014-11 Slides for ACM Multimedia tutorial "Learning Knowledge Bases for Text and Multimedia" are posted here; and those for "Social Multimedia Computing" are here.
  • ... older news is archived here.
    Research Overview
    My research focus broadly on innovative use and design of machine learning algorithms and systems, especially on spatial, temporal and multi-relational graph data. Several areas of recent work include:
  • Multimedia understanding and retrieval.
  • Social media tracking and modeling.
  • Machine learning and applications.
  • Details can be found from the sample projects below and the list of publications.
    Getting Involved
    I am always looking for curious and motivated strong students to collaborate on various fun projects. Frequently needed information about joining my research group is here.
    Selected Recent Projects
    Picture Tags and World Knowledge: Learning Tag Relations from Visual Semantic Sources
    Lexing Xie, Xuming He
    ACM Multimedia 2013, Oct 2013 (full paper)
    pdf| project page| slides
    Event Diffusion Patterns in Social Media (2012)
    Minkyoung Kim, Lexing Xie, Peter Christen
    Intl. Conf. on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM), 8 pages, Dublin, Ireland, June 2012
    abstract |pdf
    Visual Memes in Social Media: Tracking Real-world News in YouTube Videos (2011)
    Lexing Xie, Apostol Natsev, Matthew Hill, John Kender, John R Smith
    ACM Multimedia 2011 and ICWSM 2011
    project page |TMM'13 paper |MM'11 paper
    ImageHive: Interactive Content-Aware Image Summarization (2012)
    Li Tan, Yangqiu Song, Shixia Liu, Lexing Xie,
    IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, pp. 46-55, January/February, 2012
    abstract |pdf
    Probabilistic Visual Concept Trees (2010)
    Lexing Xie, Rong Yan, Jelena Tešić, Apostol Natsev, John R Smith
    ACM Multimedia 2010, pp. 867-870
    abstract |pdf