Lexing Xie
Associate Professor Computer Science
The Australian National University.
I'm also affiliated with NICTA.
my firstname dot lastname at anu dot edu dot au
  • 2015-10 "Evolution of Privacy Loss on Wikipedia", a project led by Marian-Andrei Rizoiu just had its results accepted at the WSDM 2016 confernece in San Francisco!
  • 2015-09 Our work on measuring and predicting social media popularity is covered by both ANU Reporter and NCI News.
  • 2015-10 The website for the 2016 edition of "The Art of Computing" is up with preliminary schedule and 2015 student comments. Look forward to the update course in computational thinking.
  • 2015-05 Honglin Yu is presenting "The lifecycle of a YouTube video: Phases, content and popularity" at ICWSM'15 this week. We are releasing the data+code for analyzing the longitudinal history of these 171K videos. Also see our slides, poster.
  • 2015-02 Data from our WACV'15 paper "Choosing Basic-Level Concept Names using Visual and Language Context" (pdf) is released by Alex. You're welcome to look at the basic-level names for thousands of categories.
  • 2014-11 Slides for ACM Multimedia tutorial "Learning Knowledge Bases for Text and Multimedia" are posted here; and those for "Social Multimedia Computing" are here.
  • ... older news is archived here.
    Research Overview
    My research focus broadly on innovative use and design of machine learning algorithms and systems, especially on spatial, temporal and multi-relational graph data. Several areas of recent work include:
  • Multimedia understanding and retrieval.
  • Social media tracking and modeling.
  • Machine learning and applications.
  • Details can be found from the sample projects below and the list of publications.
    Selected Recent Projects
    The Lifecyle of a Youtube Video: Phases, Content and Popularity
    Honglin Yu, Lexing Xie, Scott Sanner
    ICWSM 2015, May 2015 (full paper)
    pdf| data + code | slides| poster
    Choosing Basic-Level Concept Names using Visual and Language Context
    Alexander Mathews, Lexing Xie, Xuming He
    IEEE WACV 2015, Jan 2015
    pdf| dataset| poster
    Picture Tags and World Knowledge: Learning Tag Relations from Visual Semantic Sources
    Lexing Xie, Xuming He
    ACM Multimedia 2013, Oct 2013 (full paper)
    pdf| project page| slides
    Event Diffusion Patterns in Social Media (2012)
    Minkyoung Kim, Lexing Xie, Peter Christen
    Intl. Conf. on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM), 8 pages, Dublin, Ireland, June 2012
    abstract |pdf
    Visual Memes in Social Media: Tracking Real-world News in YouTube Videos (2011)
    Lexing Xie, Apostol Natsev, Matthew Hill, John Kender, John R Smith
    ACM Multimedia 2011 and ICWSM 2011
    project page |TMM'13 paper |MM'11 paper
    ImageHive: Interactive Content-Aware Image Summarization (2012)
    Li Tan, Yangqiu Song, Shixia Liu, Lexing Xie,
    IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, pp. 46-55, January/February, 2012
    abstract |pdf
    Probabilistic Visual Concept Trees (2010)
    Lexing Xie, Rong Yan, Jelena Tešić, Apostol Natsev, John R Smith
    ACM Multimedia 2010, pp. 867-870
    abstract |pdf