This paper contains information and resources for current and prospective research students (undergrad, MS, PhD).

Research group and topics
I collaborate with a number of PhD, undergraduate, and other ANU/NICTA researchers. To get an idea about the range of research topics we work on, you can start by looking at topics in my publications. An example list of current and recent project topics from the cecs website is included here.

Prospective Students
I am looking for curious and motivated students to collaborate on various research projects. Strong candidates are encouraged to get in touch after having read the information below.

  • For PhD/Mphil candidates: You should have a background in one to two of the following areas: machine learning, social media, multimedia analysis, computer vision, or web information retrieval. When contacting me include a copy of your academic transcript, resume, and topics of interest. Please read (1) the college-wide application process and requirements; (2)scholarship info below.
  • For ANU students interested in Honors or independent study, please email me with your interest and track records to set up a conversation.
  • For students interested in a summer scholar project, please email me with your track record (CV, transcript).
  • Before you apply, it is advisable that you read the research advice section below, this will help you set an expectation about doing research and having a research career in general.


  • ANU scholarship for domestic and international students (link here), related scholarship information at our college is here.
  • Australian Government competitive scholarships, such as the Endeavor award and AusAid award http://www.ausaid.gov.au/scholar/
  • Students from China if you are from a university there, then you likely qualify to apply for the CSC-ANU scholarship that has generous coverage for stipend and tuition fee waiver. More info can be found here http://www.anu.edu.au/sas/scholarships/CSC.php
  • Students from Brazil, there are Brazilian government scholarships available to support PhD study in Australia. Please inquire for more details.

    This section below contains pointers to research career advice before, during, and beyond a PhD.
    So, should you go to grad school / do a PhD?
  • PhD in pictures by Matthew Might
  • A fresh account by Peter Bailis at UC Berkeley
  • "Do you need a PhD" and "So, you want to go to grad school" by Matt Welsh
  • An essay with a list of FAQs by Douglas Comer
  • A very nice post about grad school creativity by Sanjay Kairam.
  • So, what is a PhD like?
    Please read this and this and this and this and this and this and these and these before contacting me or applying for the PhD program. :)
    Advice for doing research, and the research career
  • You and your research, by Richard Hamming
  • Research Career Advice from David Patterson's homepage
  • Cargo Cult Science by Richard Feynman
  • Some "Modest" (but v. good!) Advice for Graduate Students, by Stephen Stearns @ Yale
  • How to choose a good scientific problem by Uri Alon, Figure 2(b) illustrates a fairly common lifecycle of research problems.
  • Software is not science and subsequent discusions, from Matt Welsh
  • A one-of-a-kind CS PhD memoir by Phillip Guo and commentary by John Regehr
  • Useful Things to Know About Ph.D. Thesis Research by H.T. Kung of Harvard
  • Advice for Machine Learning/Data Crunching
  • Principles of Research Code by Charles Sutton
  • Patterns for Research in Machine Learning by Ali Eslami
  • Advice for publishing and presenting your work
  • A good collection of pointers from Uri Alon
  • "How to write a paper" -- from the University of Cambridge
  • Poster perfect a few tips for making good posters, from the life science magazine.
  • Writing Tools and Tips
  • The The Elements of Style by Strunk and White
  • The Blue Book of Grammar
  • Writing Technical Articles (in CS) by Henning Schulzrinne
  • Tips for overcoming troublesome writing by Tao Xie