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Research Group

Present and past members of my research team are listed below. Names in bold indicate primary supervision on my part.


  1. Dr. Ali Nasir
  2. Dr. Zubair Khalid

Current PhD Students

  1. Ms. Xiaohui Zhou, commencing March 2015.
  2. Ms. Wanchun Liu, Wireless Energy Harvesting Powered Wireless Sensor Networks, July 2014 - present.
    • Scholarship(s): ANU Miscellaneous Scholarship (funded through Discovery Grant)
    • Co-supervisor: Dr. Xiangyun Zhou
    • Joint PhD publication outcomes: 1 Journal paper (under review)
  3. Mr. Yifei Huang, Interference Management in 5G Networks, March 2014 - present.
    • Scholarship(s): Australian Postgraduate Award + CECS top up for domestic students
    • Co-supervisor: Dr. Xiangyun Zhou
    • Joint PhD publication outcomes: 1 Journal paper (under review)
  4. Ms. Jing Guo, Interference and Outage in Wireless Networks, Sep. 2012 - present.
    • Scholarship(s): ANU PhD Scholarship
    • Co-supervisor: Dr. Xiangyun Zhou
    • Joint PhD publication outcomes: 4 Journal papers (2 under review) + 1 conference paper
    • International visits during PhD: Prof. Halim Yanikomeroglu, Carleton University, Canada
    • Awards: Paper selected as one of Best 50 papers at Globecom 2014.

Graduated PhD Students

  1. Ms. Shama Islam, Multi-way Relay Networks: Characterization, Performance Analysis and Transmission Scheme Design, Thesis submitted Dec. 2014.
    • Scholarship(s): ANU PhD Scholarship
    • Co-supervisor: Dr. Parastoo Sadeghi
    • Joint PhD publication outcomes: 3 Journal papers (2 under review) + 2 conference papers (1 under review)
  2. Mr. Zubair Khalid, Spatio-Spectral Analysis on the Unit Sphere, April 2010 - April 2013. Thesis.pdf
    • Scholarship(s): Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship
    • Co-supervisor: Prof. Rodney Kennedy and Dr. Parastoo Sadeghi
    • Joint PhD publication outcomes: 5 Journal papers + 5 conference papers
    • International visits during PhD: Dr. Jason McEwan, University College London, UK
    • Progress: Postdoc at ANU
  3. Mr. Ali Nasir, Synchronization in Cooperative Communication Systems, June 2010 - Sep. 2012. Thesis.pdf
    • Scholarship(s): ANU PhD Scholarship
    • Co-supervisor: Prof. Rodney Kennedy
    • Joint PhD publication outcomes: 5 Journal papers + 8 conference papers
    • International visits during PhD: Dr. Hani Mehrpouyan, University of Chalmers, Sweden
    • Progress: Postdoc at ANU
  4. Mr. Xiangyun Zhou, Channel Estimation for Future Wireless Systems, Jan. 2010 - June 2012. Thesis.pdf
    • Scholarship(s): IPRS Scholarship
    • Co-supervisor: Dr. Parastoo Sadeghi
    • Joint PhD publication outcomes: 4 Journal papers + 7 conference papers
    • International visits during PhD: Prof. Jeff Andrew, University of Texas, Austin, USA
    • Progress: Presently FERL Fellow at ANU

Graduated ME Hons Students

  1. Mr. Cong Nie, Generalized Distance Distributions in Wireless Networks, Nov. 2014.
    • Publication: Journal paper under preparation
  2. Ms. Hongfei Jia, Analyzing the Connectivity of Vehicular Adhoc Networks Using SUMO, June 2011.
  3. Mr. Chao Yu, Modelling of Mobile-to-Mobile Communication Channels, Nov. 2007.
  4. Mr. Jing Gu, Performance of M-ary Orthogonal Signals over Nakagami-m Fading Channels, Nov. 2006.
  5. Mr. Shuo Pan, Capacity of MIMO Systems for Spatial Channel Model Scenarios, June 2006.

BE RnD & Summer Research Students

For students looking for BE RnD projects: I have capacity to offer 1 or 2 projects in Sem 1, 2015. Please contact me to discuss if you are interested.

The BE RnD degree is an elite engineering degree that allows undergraduate students to get involved in research based projects during their degree. Legend: ENGN4718 = 18 unit research project, ENGN3706 = 6 unit research project in 3rd year, ENGN2706 = research project worth 40% of introductory 6 unit course in 2nd year.

  1. [ENGN3712] Ms. Nilupuli Senadhira, TBA, 2015.
  2. [ENGN2706] Mr. Yuxin Liu, TBA, 2015.
  3. [ENGN3706] Mr. Daniel Marshall, Device-to-device Communication in Cellular Networks, Semester 2, 2014.
    • Publication: IEEE PIMRC 2015 paper under preparation
  4. [ENGN4718] Mr. Craig Wang, Performance Analysis of Heterogeneous Cellular Networks with Energy Harvesting Base Stations. June 2014.
    • Publication: IEEE ICT invited paper
  5. [ENGN2706] Mr. Ross Pure, Distance Distributions in Arbitrarily-Shaped Polygons, Semester 1, 2014.
    • Publication: Mathematica Journal paper
  6. [ENGN2706] Ms. Joyce Mau, Distance Distributions in Wireless Networks with Repulsion and Cluster Spatial Point Processes, Semester 1, 2014.
  7. [ENGN2706] Mr. Avinash Upadhya, Coverage Area Distributions of single-tier heterogeneous networks, Semester 1, 2013.
  8. [ENGN2706] Mr. Andrew Jamieson, Wireless Power Transfer: Design and Simulation of Circuits for Consumer Electronics Applications, Semester 1, 2013.
  9. [ENGN2706] Ms. Hyein La, Spatial Modelling of Heterogeneous Cellular Networks, Semester 1, 2012.
    • Software: Matlab toolbox developed for plotting weighted Voronoi cells
  10. [ENGN2706] Mr. Samuel Stefopoulous, Development of Matlab graphical user interface for ECG signal analysis, Semester 2, 2012.
  11. [ENGN2706] Ms. Pei Leong, Beampattern modelling in wireless ad hoc networks, Semester 2, 2009.
    • Progress: PhD (ANU), Postdoc at Univ. Of Melbourne
  12. [ENGN2706] Mr. Da Wang, Simulation of geometrical one-ring scattering channel model, Semester 2, 2008.
    • Progress: PhD student at ANU
  13. [Summer Exchange: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA] Ms. Sunita Gupta, Cooperative Routing in Ad-hoc Networks, May 2007-July 2007.
  14. [Summer] Mr. Andrew Norman, Development of a Matlab Graphical User Interface for Audio Filtering Applications, Nov. 2005-Feb. 2006.
  15. [Summer] Mr. Santit Traithavil, Simulation of PN Code Sequences for Cellular Systems, Nov. 2005-Feb. 2006.

BE Undergraduate Students

Wireless Communications

  1. Mr. Bingfei Fu, TBA, 2015.
  2. Ms. Xiaohui Zhou, Wireless Energy Harvesting in Large-scale Ad hoc Networks with Multiple Antenna Transmission Nodes, 2014.
    • Publication: IEEE WCL paper under preparation
  3. Mr. Bin Zhu, Power Allocation Strategy in Wireless Energy Harvesting Relaying Network, 2014.
  4. Mr. Andrew Dawson, Spatial Point Processes in Wireless Networks, 2013.
    • Software: Matlab toolbox developed for simulation of spatial point processes
    • Progress: Currently with Accenture, Canberra
  5. Mr. Beau Heath, Path loss Estimation in a Wireless Ad Hoc Network, 2011.
  6. Ms. Vasanta Gayatri Chaganti, OPNET Simulation of Two On-Demand Network Routing Protocols, 2008.
    • Progress: Researcher (former PhD student) at NICTA, ANU
  7. Mr. Andrew Norman, Investigation into Transmit Diversity for 3rd Generation CDMA Wireless Systems, 2005.

Connectivity & Distance Distributions

  1. Mr. Nguyen Trung, TBA, 2015.
  2. Ms. Jing Guo, Distance Distributions in Regular Shaped Wireless Networks, 2012.
  3. Ms. Jiazhen Zhu, Analyzing Connectivity of Random Graph, Scale-free and Small-world networks, 2011.
    • Progress: PhD student at Univ. of Melbourne
  4. Mr. Weng Law, Connectivity of Interference Limited Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, 2010.
  5. Mr. Abhas Chandra, Connectivity of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, 2009.
  6. Mr. Xiangyun Zhou, On the Connectivity of Ad Hoc Networks Utlizing Beamforming, 2007.

Channel Modelling

  1. Mr. Chin Chew, Modelling of Link Duration in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, 2010.
  2. Mr. Vikas Sharma, Statistical Properties of Sum-of-Sinusoid Channel Models, 2008.
    • Progress: Currently with CISCO Consulting, Sydney
  3. Mr. Santit Gow Traithavil, Method of Exact Doppler Spread for Simulation of Wireless Communication Channels, 2008.
    • Progress: Currently with Aon Hewitt Australia, Sydney
  4. Ms. Saba Latif, Statistical Properties of a Parametric Channel Model for Multiple Antenna Systems, 2006.


  1. Ms. Sandra Arcos Holzinger, ECG compression using Wavelets, 2013.
  2. Mr. Brian Chow, m-Health Research and Development: Compressed sensing in Electrocardiography (ECG), 2012.
    • Progress: Currently with Sime Darby Technology, Malaysia
  3. Mr. Syed Omar Hashmi, Frequency Prioritised Queuing in Electrocardiograph (ECG) Systems, 2009.
  4. Mr. James Tyler Ridgeway, Development of an Infrared Wireless Communications System, 2006.

Postgraduate Student Awards

  1. Ms. Jing Guo, Paper selected as one of Best 50 papers at IEEE Globecom 2014 (corresponds to the top 2.2% of all papers submitted to IEEE Globecom 2014!).

Undergraduate Student Awards

  1. ANU University Medal
    1. Craig Wang, 2014.
    2. Jing Guo, 2012.
    3. Xiangyun Zhou, 2007.
  2. ANU Honours Scholarship
    1. Xiaohui (Katrina) Zhou, 2014.
  3. CEA Technologies Prize in Telecommunications
    1. Jing Guo, 2011.
    2. Syed Omar Hashmi, 2009.
    3. Santit Traithavil, 2008.
    4. Vikas Sharma, 2007.
    5. Xiangyun Zhou, 2006.
  4. Engineer's Australia Awards
    1. Jing Guo, Institution of Engineering & technology (IET) Student Prize, 2012 (for outstanding achievements as an ANU engineering student).
    2. Syed Omar Hashmi - Winner of ITEESPAN - Annual Student Presentation and Awards Night, Engineers Australia, 2009.
  5. Research School of Engineering Awards
    1. Andrew Norman, Summer Research Scholarship (4th year), 2005-2006.
    2. Santit Traithavil, Engineering Research and Development Scholarship (2nd year), 2005-2006.

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Author: Salman Durrani.
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