My great passion is programming competitions and problem solving in general. I have been competing on TopCoder for many years now, under the handle dimkadimon. At TopCoder I have been involved in writing problems as well as writing some feature articles. I also compete in the Al Zimmermann competition, which is both exhausting and highly rewarding at the same time. During my undergraduate years I have competed in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, winning the local site in 2004. Recently I started writing problems for the Australian Informatics Competition and testing problems for the Australian Informatics Olympiad, which are used to select students to represent Australia in the International Olympiad in Informatics.

I enjoy watching and playing sport. If I have nothing better to do (which is rare) I can watch pretty much any sport, even lawn bowling! The only sport that I consider myself to be good at is badminton. Other than that I enjoy bike riding, playing soccer, table tennis and just started to learn tennis.

I have a large coin collection, but I've pretty much stopped collecting. I like to dance and try to think a lot about life, maybe too much sometimes. I have the sweetest little sister called Sunny and a beautiful chocolate Burmese cat Tim.


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