Here is a list of courses that I have taught and taken over the years. The number after the course name is the year of the course. Courses with year 5 are those that were taken during my PhD study.

Math courses taken

Mathematics for Computer Science 1, Calculus and Applications 1 A and B, Physics 1, Calculus and Applications 2, Algebra and Applications 2, Differential Equations Linear Algebra and Applications 2, Operations Research 2, Operations Research 3, Algebra and Applications 3, Computational Techniques 3, Topics in Advanced Mathematics 3, Automata 4, Probability Modelling with Applications 5

Computer Science courses taken

Programming and Problem Solving 1, Computer Organisation and Architecture 1, Software Process 1, Algorithms and Metrics 2, Artificial Intelligence 2, Software Design 2, Operating Systems 2, Software Engineering Project 3, Programming Paradigms 3, Knowledge-Based Systems 3, Bioinformatics 4, Machine Learning and Data Mining 4, Intelligent Software Agents 4, Overview of Statistical Machine Learning 5, Graphical Models 5, Tutors Induction Program 5, Data Mining 5, Scientific Communication 5, Logic Summer School 5, Pseudo-Boolean Optimization 5, Reinforcement Learning and Planning under Uncertainty 5


Tutor for Artificial Intelligence 3 in 2007 and 2008

I have co-supervised Joel Mortimer during his Summer Research Program in 2006


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