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This website contains tutorial and assignment materials for the Social Media Analysis section of COMP4650 - Document Analysis.

Assignments (with hands-on tutorials)

These hands-on assignments are self-paced. Sections 0 and 1 and written in tutorial style, each section contains one or more embedded excercises. You will need to submit answers to these questions using the submission link on goole drive.

The tutorial relies on a number of open-source software. In partular, Python 2.7.x with its networkx package. Setup instructions can be found in tutorial 0 below. If you’d like to shunn away from python programming, then there are two alternatives: (1) Use Gephi as a network calculator to answer these questions; (2) Do the calculation in pen-and-paper, the size of the assignment is small enough for this to happen.

You can use the submission link as a guide to to the assessble parts of these excercises, and work through each assessible questions there.

Just for fun – no grades for this optional excercise:

Note: Please double-check your assignment input before pressing “submit”. You can submit more than once before the assignment deadline. Only the last submission before the deadline will be graded.

Lecture slides