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Theses & Projects

Graduate Projects (and Theses)

Inertial Based Control
David Biddle, 2003
Thesis (pdf) | Thesis (ps.gz)
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle : Vision and Control
Chanop Silpa-Anan, 2001
Thesis (pdf) | Thesis (ps.gz)
Connectionist Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Chris Gaskett, 2000

Undergraduate Projects (and Theses)

Distributed Temporal Event Mapping and Fusion
F. Schill, 2003
Thesis (pdf) | Thesis (ps.gz)
3-D Vision for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
M. Bryant, 2000
Thesis (pdf)
Autonomous Submersible Robot: Sensor Characterisation and Testing
J. Cvetanovski, 2000
Thesis (ps)
Web-based Operator Interface for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
S. Rao, 2000
Thesis (pdf)
A Vision System for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
I. Fitzgerald, 1999
Thesis (pdf)
Autonomous Submersible Robot: State Estimation System
T. Betlehem, 1999
Thesis (pdf)
Network-based Operator Interface for an Underwater Robot
C. McPherson, 1999
Thesis (pdf)
Autonomous Submersible Robot: Gyro and Depth Sensors
D. Beswick. 1998
Thesis (pdf)
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle: Vision System
J. Reynolds. 1998
Thesis (pdf)

Undergraduate Summer Projects

Development of an Underwater Camera Calibration Technique
Matthew Bryant, 2000
Development of an Stereo Position with Automated Point and Zoom
Ben Kahler, 1999

Pre-University Projects

Implementation of Remote Power Suply
Luke Cole, 1999
Design and Implementation of Thruster Testing Unit
Luke Cole, 1998
Underwater Robot Component Selection and Trade Studies
Chris Major, 1998


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