Rajeev Goré


Prof. Rajeev P. Goré
Logic and Computation Group
Research School of Computer Science
College of Engineering and Computer Science 
The Australian National University 
ANU CRICOS Provider Number - 00120C
 Tel:   +61-2-6125 8603 
 Fax:   +61-2-6125 8651 
 Email: Rajeev.Gore at anu.edu.au
 Post:  RSISE Building 115, Canberra, ACT, 2601, Australia     

I am the leader of the Logic and Computation Group of the Research School of Computer Science here at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Research Interests

My main interests are in Gentzen systems for various logics, particularly modal logics and fixpoint logics. Currently I am working on sequent calculi for Bi-Intuitionistic Logic; practical description logic reasoning for logics with inverse roles; proof theory of provability logic, and sequent calculi for intruder detection. Jeremy E Dawson and I are working on formalising proofs of weak and strong normalisation for various calculi in the logical framework Isabelle. James Brotherston and I are working on proving general interpolation theorems using display calculi. I am also interested in software engineering and security aspects of Java applications, particularly for JavaCards.
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