Online Journals

  1. Journal of Logic and Computation.
  2. Bulletin of the Section of Logic.
  3. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic.
  4. The Logic Journal of the Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logic.
  5. The London Mathmatical Society Journal of Computation and Mathematics.
  6. Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science (A Free Electronic Journal).

Bibliographic Sites

  1. Vienna Mathematical Logic Abstracts Server.
  2. Formal Methods Site.
  3. The Hypertext Bibliography Project.
  4. The Mathematics Archive.
  5. The Computing Research Repository.
  6. A Guide to Papers on Chu Spaces.

Other Institutes

  1. The Laboratory for Logical Problems of Computer Science, Moscow, Russia.
  2. The Max Planck Institute for Computer Science, Saarbruecken, Germany.
  3. The ULTRA group at Heriot-Watt University, Scotland.

Logic Related Software

  1. Mechanised Reasoning Systems Database.
  2. LWB: The Logics Workbench.
  3. SCAN: Quantifier Elimination For Second Order Logic.
  4. The QED project.

Logic Related Conferences

  1. Programming Language Related Conferences.
  2. Logic Related Conferences.
  3. Logic Journal of the IGPL Related Conferences and Other Events.
  4. Advances in Modal Logic.

Smart Cards

  1. Smart Card Information.
  2. Smart Cards: The Future of Information.
  3. Sun's Java Web Site
  4. Smart Cards and Mobile Telephones
  5. Gemplus R&D Centre


  1. Distributed Systems Technology Centre
  2. Security Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Voting

  1. Electronic Voting Used During October 2001 ACT Election


  1. Computer Science Home Page Search.
  2. The Hunger Site.
  3. The MacQuarie Online Dictionary and Encyclopaedia.
  4. Australian Newspapers on the Internet.
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