Overhead Slides

  1. ExpTime Tableaux for ALC Using Sound Global Caching pdf
  2. Introduction to Modal and Temporal Logic. pdf, Copyright Rajeev Goré
    Lecture notes from the Logic Summer School 2002.
  3. Formalised Cut-elimination for the Display Calculus of Relation Algebras dvi, postscript, pdf
    Copyright Jeremy Dawson and Rajeev Goré
  4. Sequent Calculi and Proof Theory for Classical Logic. postscript, pdf, Copyright Rajeev Goré
  5. University of Melbourne Postgraduate Seminar "Goedel, Turing, Chaitin", Friday 15th October, 1999. postscript, dvi, pdf, Copyright Rajeev Goré
  6. CardKt: Automated Multi-modal Deduction on Java Cards. gzipped postscript, Copyright Rajeev Goré
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