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there are currently no open full positions in the KAMBARA project

Ph.D. scholarship announcement

Localization on 3-d surfaces
(process closed, position filled)

By addressing the issue of localizing small autonomous inspection vehicles on their journey on large surfaces (e.g. ship hulls, or airplanes), this project combines demanding theoretical challenges with practical applications of autonomous artificial creatures. The localization algorithm which is to be developed might utilize all sensor and control modalities which are available while crawling on large surfaces (e.g. structure-borne sound, vision, pressure, or ultrasound). Since the environment will usually not be known beforehand, some spatial representation will need to be generated in conjunction with the localization task itself.

If the above challenges spark your interest, you might also fit the following profile of the ideal candidate:

  1. Bachelor / Honours / Master / Diploma in computer sciences, engineering, physics, or mathematics.
  2. Experiences in experimenting in distributed environments or with autonomous systems.
  3. Theoretical foundations in mathematics, control, protocols, coding, or systems theory.
  4. Interest in joining an international team of motivated researchers.

It is expected that the candidate evolves/introduces her/his own perspective on the topic.

The scholarship offers A$22,500 per annum and will introduce the successful candidate to the highly active field of embedded real-time systems at the level of international academia as well as in industry.

For any further information, and applications (including addresses of referees, two recent publications, and a letter of interest) please contact:

Uwe R. Zimmer (mail)

P.S. preferred formats for applications are: Acrobat, PostScript, plain text, or FrameMaker


Contact for the KAMBARA project: Uwe R. Zimmer
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