Skiing at Thredbo, 2003

Dr James Montgomery

Research Fellow

Research School of Computer Science
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Australian National University

My current role at ANU

I'm a Research Fellow attached to the Protocols and Structures for Inference linkage project at ANU, which is designing a RESTful API for machine learning. Unlike existing machine learning services, the PSI API is designed to be flexible enough to support a range of learning activities, enabling a diverse ecosystem of ML services to grow.

We have recently released version 2 of the draft PSI specification. We also have a demonstration service at and a JavaScript client to help interact with the service. Source code for the service and client is available on GitHub.

My ongoing research into heuristics for optimisation

In my spare time I continue my research into optimisation heuristics (information about my work with differential evolution is still available at my old Swinburne site). During my time at ANU I have also experienced being a student again: in July this year I grduated with a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, which was offered by the Centre for Higher Education, Learning & Teaching. Due to a change in ANU's priorities CHELT no longer offers the two higher education award programs.

On this site you can view information about my publications, my current CV and some details about my past teaching.


Phone: +61 2 6267 6337
Location: Level 2, NICTA Building, 7 London Circuit, Canberra