My current position, being tied to a linkage project, does not afford the opportunity to teach. However, during my brief stint at ANU I have completed a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education through the Centre for Higher Education, Learning & Teaching. The grad cert and Masters in HE are no longer offered by the University, so I can't link to details. Here are some details of my previous teaching experience.

Previously, at Swinburne University of Technology

At Swinburne I was involved in tutoring Games Programming, which covers game development and 3D graphics programming, and Intelligent Systems, which deals with biologically inspired computing techniques such as artificial neural networks, ant colony optimisation and particle swarm optimisation. I have developed and delivered guest lectures for both subjects.

Previously, at Bond University


I was the subject convenor for Software Development 1 (i.e., programming 1) in three semesters and Principles of Programming Languages (covering language principles and different programming paradigms) in one. I received the following TEVAL (teacher evaluation) ratings for Overall Effectiveness:

SemesterSubjectTEVAL rating
033Software Development 15.79 / 7
041Software Development 15.56 / 7
042Software Development 15.79 / 7
051Principles of Programming Languages5.75 / 7


I have previously tutored a range of programming and database management subjects.