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I'm a mathematician turned computer scientist. Prior to joining ANU I held a (senior) lectureship at Imperial College London, a lectureship at the University of Leicester and was a Research Associate at LMU Munich.

Fully Funded PhD Position in Electronic Voting

Verifiable vote counting is one of the cornerstones of a trustworthy electronic voting system. Correctness and trust can be achieved by understanding voting protocols, specified textually in legislation, as formal rules. Vote counting can then be cast as successive rule application, where the sequence of rule application serves as an independently verifiable certificate attesting to the correctness of the count. The project offers a wide range of activities, ranging from foundations, rule design, efficiency considerations to concrete case studies. The project seeks to further investigate this idea and apply it to real-world voting systems and mainly deals with the following aspects:

Open to individuals of any nationality. We're based in Canberra. Contact Dirk Pattinson.

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