This page provides information on currently available demonstration tools. Contact me for further information.

Contract Clause Visualization Tool

Readability Research Tools. This tool demonstrates the visualization of selected contract clauses. Example clauses are a term clause, a payment by production or payment by instalments and a liquidated damages clause. The Clause Visualization Tool can be accessed here.

Contract Definition Visualization Tools

Readability Research Tools.

Contracts (and other legal documents) often make extensive use of definitions. These definitions may be linked together in chains and can considerably complicate the interpretation and drafting of contracts. The Contracts Tools Page provides a demonstration tool for visualization of definitions The Contract Tools Site. Please reference Enhancing the Visualization of Law October 2012 20th Anniversary Conference of Law via the Internet - Cornell University. The tool also has an earlier version of a term clause visualization.

Research Readability Tools

Readability Research Tools.

The readability of legislation and other legal rules (as in contracts) has been the subject of extensive consideration and work. The plain language movement has brought about considerable improvements in the way that legal rules are written. Yet the law remains inaccessible to many citizens whose lives are affected by it. The Research Readability Tools Site provides a series of tools and metrics for researching the readability of text in general, and legislation in particular, with a view to making such tools available for researchers. The tools have demonstration web pages and can be called through submitting http requests.

Data Sets

Feature set used for classification of contracts.

Corpus Based Classification Research Data

The Australian Contract Corpus

The work reported on this site depends heavily on a corpus of Australian contract drafts which have been downloaded and compiled from the web. The corpus consists of approximately 1,000,000 words and is comprised of around 250 text versions of contracts and contract drafts. If you are undertaking research at a research institution and would like to obtain a text copy of the corpus for research purposes, please contact:

michael.curtotti [AT]

The corpus will only be made available for research and will not be made available for re-publication or commercial purposes. Each user is responsible for compliance with fair use rights in their jurisdiction. ANU does not claim or hold copyright in the individual documents comprising the corpus.

Citing the corpus

If you do use the corpus or a corpus based on the Australian please cite:

Curtotti, M. and McCreath, E. A Corpus of Australian Contract Language 2011 Thirteenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the Law

College of Engineering and Computer Science, Australian National University

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