Research interests

legal informatics, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, knowledge visualization, machine learning in application to the law, discrimination against non-citizens, human rights

Bio: Michael Curtotti

Michael Curtotti is a Lawyer and Legal Counsel at the ANU Students's Association and the ANU Postgraduate & Research Students Association. He is studying part-time towards a PhD in the ANU Research School of Computer Science on the topic “Computational Tools for Enhancing the Communication of Law”. Previously, Michael has worked as a Senior Lawyer in the ANU Legal Office and as Associate Legal Counsel at the University of Western Sydney and he has run his own IP law practice. Earlier in his career, Michael worked in the human rights sector for the Australian Baha’i Community, and served as Secretary of the Australian Forum of Human Rights Organisations, undertaking advocacy on issues such as racism, human rights education and religious persecution. He is a Member of the Human Rights Council of Australia and continues work in the human rights field on a voluntary basis. He has worked in legal and policy roles in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (including in respect of the ozone layer, the Antarctic Treaty and climate change) and in the Royal Australian Navy. He holds a Master of International Law (ANU) and a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws (UNSW). His research interests include legal informatics and the human rights of non-citizens.

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