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Data Subsystem

  A data subsystem for the incdec example is shown in Figure 91.

Figure 91: incdec data subsystem.

This data subsystem consists of a number of functional modules together with input, output and control signals. These facilitate the actions in the algorithm.

  The data subsystem is controlled by the following control points:

ldX load register x
ldY load register y
selX select input to x (1 bit)
selY select input to y (2 bit)
These control points are outputs of the controller subsystem.

The data subsystem provides the following condition for the control subsystem:

k k=1 if x < y; zero otherwise
This condition signal is an input to the control subsystem. The external environment provides the following control input for the control subsystem:
start external signal to start execution

The modules used in the data subsystem may come from a standard parts library, or designed specifically.

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