Collaborators and Co-authors

John Slaney

This is a list of people with whom I have written papers, edited books or otherwise brought the fruits of research into the public domain. It may be incomplete, and is likely to be suffering the effects of link-rot. Anyway, these pages are indicative of the types with whom you get to associate if you hang out with logicians and such. You have been warned.

Asif Ali
Grigoris Antoniou
Andi Bauer
Peter Baumgartner
JC Beall
Frank Bennett
Piergiorgio Bertoli
Arnold Binas
Viorica Botea
Ross Brady
Mark Brown
Martin Bunder
Alessandro Cimatti
Carleton Coffrin
Mike Dunn
Masayuki Fujita
Maria Garcia de la Banda
Rod Girle
Matt Gray
Charles Gretton
Mark Grundy
Daniel Harabor
Ryuzo Hasegawa
Allen Hazen
Hassan Hijazi
Kal Hodgson
Froduald Kabanza
Phil Kilby
Tomasz Kowalski
Nursulu Kuspanova
Ewing "Rusty" Lusk
Michael Maher
Ed Mares
Kim Marriott
Bill McCune
Bob McKay
Michael McRobbie
Zdzislaw "Gustav" Meglicki
Bob Meyer
Riichiro Mizoguchi
Duc Nghia Pham
David Price
Graham Priest
Paul Pritchard
Greg Restall
David Ripley
Abdul Sattar
Zoltan Somogyi
Mark Stickel
Peter Stuckey
Tim Surendonk
Richard Sylvan (formerly Routley)
Sylvie Thiébaux
Eddie Walker
Toby Walsh
Hongxue Wang

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