Peter Baumgartner in 2003

Peter Baumgartner

Principal Research Scientist, Data61

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Research Interest

I have worked on automated reasoning for first-order logic. On the more fundamental side of things I developed calculi and implementations based on hyper tableau, first-order DPLL (Model Evolution) and Resolution. Many of them have been extended for equality reasoning and reasoning modulo built-in theories, some for non-monotonic reasoning and some for temporal-logic model checking.

I am always interested in practical applications of automated reasoning systems. Applications of the above systems include database schema reasoning, consistency-based diagnosis, software verification, business process analysis, and situational awareness.

More recently I shifted my focus on decison making under uncertaintly from an - ultimately - practical perspective, for building decision support systems. Together with my co-workers Sylvie Thiebaux, Felipe Trevizan, Patrik Haslum and Alban Grastien we are exploring algorithms, heuristics, and implementation of probabilistic planning systems based on Markov Decision Processes. We are also exploring application of these techniques for gaining situational awareness for industrial operations.

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