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Research projects for Robert Mahony


The X4 flyer is an experimental quadrotor under development at the Australian National University. It is designed as a prototype for commercial UAV technology and as an experimental platform for visua servo control algorithms. The flyer is heavier than most quadrotor experimental platforms with a payload of 1kg and flight time of 15 minutes.

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Visual servo control of UAV.

The Bertin Technologies Hovereye (checkered vehicle in picture) is a sit on tail UAV designed for surviellance work in indoors and urban canyon environments. This project developed a visual servo control for stabilisation of the aerial platform relative to an observed planar target (card with orange blobs). The video shows the initial flights tests for this control scheme.


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CEA Quadrotor

The Centre d'Energie Atomique (CEA) in France has developed a small quadrotor vehicle for semi-autonomous and autonomous operation. A range of mature visual servo control algorithms have been developed for stabilisation of thi vehicle.

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