Zahra Zamani


I am a PhD student at the Artificial Intelligence Group of The Australian National University (ANU) and a researcher at the Machine Learning Research Group  at National ICT of Australia (NICTA)



Research Interests


  • Planning under uncertainty, Sequential Decision Theory, Discrete and Continuous Optimization
  • Symbolic representation and reasoning, Logic (higher-order and first-order) in AI, Agent frameworks
  • Machine Learning, Graphical models


PhD Project


I am working on exact solution methods to sequential decision making in continuous domains. I use a symbolic approach on continuous MDPs and POMDPs. My research is explained (non-mathematically!) here.







PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Research School of Computer Science, The Australian National University and NICTA (Sept 2009 – Nov 2013)

Thesis: Symbolic Sequential Decision making in continuous Markov Decision Processes

Supervisors: Prof. John Lloyd, Dr. Scott Sanner ,Dr. Kee Siong Ng.

Courses: Data mining algorithm, Machine Learning, Planning in AI.


M.S. in Computer Engineering, Algorithms and Computation, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran. (2007-2009). GPA:18.5/20  Thesis 20/20


Thesis: A general Formal Multi-agent Framework for Supply Chains and Gene Networks (20/20) GPA: 18.9 / 20. 

Supervisor: Dr. M. Moeini

Courses: Optimization Algorithms, Computational complexity theory, Distributed AI( Multi-agent systems), First-order and Temporal Logic, Evolutionary computing, Algorithms for Bioinformatics.


B.S. in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. (2001-2005).GPA: 15.92/20 Thesis :19.5/20


Thesis: Design and Implementation of  Patient Information Management Software using the HL7 Standard



Work and Teaching Experience



Honors and Awards



Contact details


Email: zahra dot zamani AT  , zahra dot zamani AT

Office: 02 6267 6296

Address:  PO Box 8001, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia