Yansheng Ming
I am a PhD student in College of Engineering and Computer Science, at Australian National University
+61-(0)2-62542946   RSISE building, ANU
email  Canberra, 0200, Australia
Research Interests
Paper list

Reasearch Interests

I have broad interest in Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

My focus has been building computational models for perceptual grouping problems such as contour detection, segmentation, stereo vision, and symmetry detection. On a high level, these tasks have a unified goal: extracting salient structures from unstructured image pixels.

Education background


In 2007, I obtained the Bachelor's degree of Engineering from Zhejiang University, majoring in Control Science and Engineering. I was admitted without examination to Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and studied in the National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition. I obtained the Master's degree of Engineering in 2010, supervised by Prof. Zhanyi Hu. In 2011, I began my PhD study in Australian National University, under the supervision of Dr. Hongdong Li (panel chair), Dr. Xuming He, and Dr. Stephen Gould.

Selected Projects

Top-down Guided Contour Detection

Yansheng Ming, Hongdong Li

A submission to CVPR 2014.

Contour Detection with Region Cue Integration

Yansheng Ming, Hongdong Li, Xuming He

  1. Winding Numbers for Region-boundary Consistent Salient Contour Extraction. IEEE CVPR 2013. [pdf]

  2. A submssion to TIP.

Contour Detection and the Gestal law of Closure

Yansheng Ming, Hongdong Li, Xuming He

  1. Connected Contours: a New Contour Completion Model that Respects the Closure Effect. IEEE CVPR 2012 (ORAL). (acceptance rate is 2.5%) [pdf]

  2. A submission to PAMI.

Contour based Symmetry Detection

Yansheng Ming,   Hongdong Li,  Xuming He

Symmetry Detection by Contour Grouping,  IEEE ICIP 2013. [pdf]

Neural Mechanism of Human Stereo Vision (NSFC project)

Yansheng Ming, Zhanyi Hu, Qingqun Kong

  1. Modeling Stereopos via Markov Random Field, Neural Computation 2010. [pdf]

  2. Disparity computation in visual cortices, Acta Automatica Sinica, 2011. [pdf]


2010-2013 ANU University Research Scholarship
2010 the President Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Excellence Prize)
2010 the title of CAS Excellent All-round Student
2004-2006 the ZJU Scholarship for Academic Excellence
2005 the title of ZJU Excellent All-round Student


Teaching: Teaching assistent in the 2013 computer vison course
Conference: ACCV 09, DICTA 11, CVPR 12, ICIP 13, ICCV 13