Meeting Summary
from: 5May99 at 9:00am 
with: ChrisG, Terence, Harley, Samer, Wayne, Chanop, Ian, ChrisM, David

  • Status on individual activities
  • Discuss paper:
  • "Practical Real-time Imaging Stereo Matcher" by H. Keith Nishihara

    ChrisG has been working on the PCB design, finding problems with the amplifer and confirming that the DC/DC converter board is right.  His is reading on reinforcement learning.  Terence and David fixed the driver polliing problems.  David got a plate to mount the sensors on.  Harley has been looking at connectors and has finished up the PCBs.  Wayne finished the power supply but the 12 volt part is problematic.  Wayne and David got aluminium box sections to build a motor test stand.  Wayne wrote to JWA to see if they would tell us any motor parameters.  Wayne and Chanop have come up with a testing schedule.  Ian has been working on camera calibration and has added to the digitizer device driver so that it can dump PPM files directly.  ChrisM has some interface layouts and is getting bar graphs working.  David has been building VxWorks kernels.

    Kambara Project at the ANURobotic Systems Laboratory
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