Meeting Summary
from: 28Apr99 at 9:00am 
with: Wayne, Harley, ChrisG, ChrisM, Terence, Ian, Chanop, David

  • Status on individual activities
  • Discuss the project schedule

  • Wayne has finished building the benchtop power supply and is now testing it.  The spare thruster and extra nosebell have arrived.  Harley has finished the PCB design for the power distribution system and has tested the DC/DC converter modules.  ChrisG has gone over the amplifier disign, there are a number of problems, and has been reading numerous papers on reinforcement learning.  ChrisM has been working on Java and implementing double-buffering for smoother graphic updates.  Terence has been studing Kalman filtering and has just about gotten the A/D working in a polling mode.  Ian is thinking about calibration targets and will meet with Samer and David for a discussion.  Chanop has the thruster model working in Matlab and may have found a way to improve it.  He has optimized is normalized correlation code by recoding so that everything happens in one pass.  David has booted the PowerPC system  ( and is fiddling with the VxWorks kernel.

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