Meeting Summary
from: 21Apr99 at 9:00am 
with: ChrisM, Terence, Ian, ChrisG, David, Harley, Chanop, Wayne

  • Status on individual activities
  • Discuss paper on Kalman filtering:
  •  "Autonomous Guided Vehicle Technology", Hugh Durrant-Whyte

    Ian has gone back to speeding up the digitizer and has now achieved 90Hz with a 320x240 image and 45Hz with a full resolution image, for the ImageNation PXC200 board running under VxWorks.  Harley will finish the power distribution wiring by the end of next week.. ChrisM showed us some test panels.  ChrisG has been analyzing performance of various componets of the learning system independently and has been testing with noise added.  Chanop continues to work on thruster modeling and is implementing some existing models in Matlab.  Terence continues to work on the A/D driver.  David got the new endcap back from the paintshop and is wiring up the video/fiber system for a test and brief demo, today.

    Kambara Project at the ANURobotic Systems Laboratory
    By David Wettergreen<>
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