Meeting Summary
from: 19May99 at 9:00am 
with: ChrisG, Harley, Wayne, Terence, ChrisM, Ian, David,Chanop,Alex

  • Status on individual activities
  • Discuss paper:

    A brief article about Kambara and the Underwater Robotics project will appear in the ANU reporter this week.

    Chanop is working on a thruster model.  The model currently linearizes all the terms and he will determine experimentally whether this is appropriate.  Chanop has found some camera lenses although a 3.5mm lens will require a C-to-CS mount adapter.

    Wayne is designing a mounting system to put the motor in the pool.  He is looking for a load cell.  No news from the motor manufacturers.  He and Samer will look into borrowing an inductance meter from FEIT.  A wobbler has been ordered to mount the stepper motor to the thruster motor for testing of motor parameters.

    Harley is working on the power distribution system and the design of the rack for mounting components.  The CAD design of the amplifier enclosures needs to be finished.

    Ian has read the papers on calibration and his own version of the Canny edge detector working.

    Terence has calculated Kambara's maximum rate of rotation at 350 degrees per second.  We hope we never see that.  He is working on the design for a mount for the WAM arm to hold the Kambara sensor suite.  He has simplified the dynamic model and is now looking into covariance matrices.  David and Terence powered up the MotionPak unit and read data into our A/D.

    ChrisM has individual components of the operator interface working and is placing them together.  He is also thinking about how to efficiently create log files.  We need to update our machines to Java 1.2 so that we can use Swing.  Chris will start looking into the Human-Computer Interaction literature to build a theoretical basis for the interface he is building.

    ChrisG is working on the amplifier circuit board and basically rerouting all the tracks in the layout.  He is trying to get his learning system working on the Nomad but the real-time clock does not seem to be working.  Chris and David have been working on reward functions and met with Bob Bitmead.

    Kambara Project at the ANU Robotic Systems Laboratory
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