Meeting Summary
from: May 17th 00 at 3:00pm 
with: Alex, Sunil, Chanop, Chris, Thomas, Matt, Peter, Samer

  • Status on individual activities

  • Status

  • Peter is working on the Pan-Tilt socket interface and supporting Chanop on the Motion Controller software and hardware.
  • Chanop is implementing his Thruster Controller software in C and integer for 68332 execution. Initial testing of Thruster control can start today. The motor orientation when inserted into the case determines spin direction and efficiency of operation.
  • Thomas reported on Jordan's progress; accelerometer offset has been used to reduce the velocity drift, 1m/30seconds displacement error after using training data, ground truth is noisy, the compass error model is being developed.
  • Sunil's Operator Interface is being expanded to construct and transmit Pan/Tilt commands to the sub and receive and decode the new Telemetry Router state packets. Javadoc has been used to create HTML documentation of the Operator Interface module.
  • Chris has been maintaining overnight scripts for re-generating the docsrc module documentation. Chris suggested a sequence of tests to carry out on Thruster Control.
  • Matt has been finishing his paper for ACRA.

  • Next Meeting: 1500 Wednesday, May 24th

    New Action Items
  • Peter to chase up replacement parts for the Siliconix device.
  • Chanop to document the experiments he wants to carry out using kambara.

  • Previous Action Items
  • Chanop to obtain a fixed-point math C library. To be done manually in the short term.

  • Some items to do:

  • Purchase vent for shed
  • Paint new cart

  • Underwater Robotics Project at the ANU Robotic Systems Laboratory
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