Meeting Summary
from: June 14th 2000 at 3:00pm 
with: Alex, Sunil, Chanop, Chris, Peter, Jordan

  • Status on individual activities

  • Status

  • Jordan has been writing his thesis. The MotionPak appears to have noise on the Rate Gyro Z channel. The X channel has a low frequency bias drift.
  • Chris has been debugging the motor amplifiers. The RS-422 interface devices have been replaced where needed and line filters inserted for protection.
  • Chanop has finished developing the 68332 and PPC controller software. Matt Bryant's code has been integrated into the Feature Tracker module. Which coordinate system to use when the sub is moving is the next problem.
  • Peter has the IP-ADIO and IP-Serial modules operating on VxWorks386 targets.
  • Sunil's Operator Interface needs finishing in that some display panels are displaying in the wrong location.

  • Next Meeting: 1500 Wednesday, June 21st

    New Action Items

    Past Action Items
  • Jordan to write instructions for modifying and re-constructing his source code.
  • Chanop to implement overflow detection in his MC68332 controller software.
  • Peter to acquire and implement Jochen Heinzmann's VISCA source code. Done.
  • Test the new leak fix in the bottom tube.
  • Chanop to develop safety software to avoid damaging the motor circuitry.

  • Some items to do:

  • Purchase vent for shed
  • Paint new cart

  • Underwater Robotics Project at the ANU Robotic Systems Laboratory
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