Meeting Summary
from: July 12th 2000 at 3:00pm 
with: Matt, Chanop, Chris, Peter

  • Status of sub experiment software
  • Plan for sub control tests

  • Software status

  • Matt is waiting for Alex's approval for his casual work appointment before beginning to port his Camera Calibration software from Windows to VxWorks.
  • Chanop is debugging his Motion Controller module. The Telemetry data needs to be expanded to record the experimental data.
  • Peter to test the leak detection and power disable software and implement battery voltage monitoring software.
  • Chris requires a well defined software interface for thruster control and sensor data before his Neuro Controller can be integrated into the sub software.

  • Test planning
  • The pre-dive checklist needs to be augmented with a checklist of software initialisation steps. Specific questions and steps are:
    - Is compass calibration required?
    - Should the sub be tethered?
    - Should the pan/tilt camera video be recorded during the wet test?
    - List the items that have to be taken to the tank enclosure for the test.
  • Ascertain whether the battery pack is secure in the tube during pitch and roll movement.
  • Add to the pre-dive checklist:
    - Attach the PSU disable line from the processor rack to the battery PSU switch.
    - Remove the top hook from the sub frame before leaving the lab.
    - Ensure that the stereo cameras are in a safe position.
    - Attach the top hook to the frame before lifting the sub.
    - Ensure that the battery pack is charged (the pack shouldn't be used below 20V).
    - Route the fibre cable through a ring on the hoist chain and ensure that it won't be damaged.

    Next Meeting: 1500 Wednesday, July 19th

    New Action Items
  • Peter to modify the Pre-dive checklist with discussed changes.
  • Peter to create a shopping list for sub experiment in the pool.
  • Harley to acquire a battery voltmeter for each pack and attach the 12V PSU switch line to the second pack.
  • Chanop to create a checklist and list of steps for the sub experiment.
  • Chanop to create a software interface document detailing the thruster control and status messages.
  • Peter to ensure that the ethernet connection in the shed is working.

  • Past Action Items
  • Jordan to write instructions for modifying and re-constructing his source code.
  • Chanop to implement overflow detection in his MC68332 controller software.
  • Test the new leak fix in the bottom tube.
  • Chanop to develop safety software to avoid damaging the motor circuitry.

  • Some items to do:

  • Purchase vent for shed
  • Paint new cart

  • Underwater Robotics Project at the ANU Robotic Systems Laboratory
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