Meeting Summary
from: 12Apr00 at 3:00pm 
with: Matt, Chris, Sunil, Chanop, Jordan, Peter, David, Luke, Harley, Samer

  • Status on individual activities
  • Status of CVS repository

  • Status

  • Peter has corrected the Sensor Sampling quantisation by delaying the ADC reading.
  • Chanop has ported his controller software to execute on VxWorks, Sun and IRIX.
  • Sunil is waiting for an upgrade to the Swing library before his applet will run.
  • Chris has been developing the global Makefiles.
  • Jordan is carrying out more WAM sensor sampling with revised software.
  • Matt has implemented range estimation using the Camera Calibration parameters.
  • Dave has been working on the 68332 Load and Go software.

  • Action Items
  • Peter to generate both Tornado 1 and Tornado 2 kernels for Kambara.
  • Luke to add a battery voltage input to the ADC channels.
  • Harley to replace the epoxy in the bottom tube with Loctite.

  • Some items to do:

  • Purchase vent for shed
  • Paint new cart

  • Underwater Robotics Project at the ANU Robotic Systems Laboratory
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