Meeting Summary
from: August 9th 2000 at 3:00pm 
with: Chanop, Chris, Peter, Ben, Matt, Alex

  1. Review minutes from last week.
  2. Re-review problem form.
  3. Review previous action items.
  4. Status of hardware repairs.
  5. Status of software changes.
  6. Review plan/timetable.
  7. Other business.


  1. Review minutes
    1. Matt said that he definitely isn't available to casually work on Kambara, but new undergraduates could ask him about his project work.
    2. Chanop will attempt processing the Telemetry Router message log with a C program that writes a text file for reading into Matlab.
    3. All amplifier boxes have been tested for leak detection. Current feedback to be tested by Chanop.
    4. Chris will review the Motion Controller README file and interface comments for his purposes.
    5. Ben will attempt to document the Operator Interface software interface to other modules.
    6. Matt will ask Jordan to provide his thesis in PDF for placing on the sub web page.
    7. Alex to provide the e-mail addresses of the new undergraduate students for Peter to contact them.
    8. Chanop's test sequence/script to be mailed to other team members when completed.
    9. Alex asserted that the current priorities for the sub are to implement Chanop's control software in the water so that he can complete his Masters thesis. From there Chris's experiments may be carried out before his research time expires.
    10. Alex stated that new post-graduate students for the sub project won't be started until a new Research Fellow position is filled.

  2. Review action items
    1. Past Action Items - 19Jul00
      1. Sunil or Ben to modify the Operator Interface to accept the new Telemetry Router message format. Ben completed.
      2. Sunil to describe the OI change to make the Log button active.
    2. Past Action Items - June00
      1. Jordan to write instructions for modifying and re-constructing his source code.
      2. Chanop to implement overflow detection in his MC68332 controller software.
      3. Test the new leak fix in the bottom tube.

  3. Status of hardware
    1. O-ring glue ordered by Harley.
    2. The sub is ready to be used for experiments in the lab.

  4. Status of software changes
    1. Alex suggested that the Operator Interace display of the Telemetry Router data needs completion.
    2. Alex suggested that the raw sensor data be used for motion control at this point and that the State Estimator implementation isn't needed in the short term. The biases and offsets of the sensors have been derived by Jordan and can be used for deriving the sub position from the raw sensor data.
    3. Chanop will primarily use the Feature Tracker to determine the relative position of the sub in the water.
    4. Ben asked that Sunil provide a one page list of OI software status and outstanding changes.
    5. Compass calibration is performed in the Robot Manager during startup. Compass performance in the water is yet to be observed. Chris suggested that the TCM2 and a simple compass readings be used to generate a reference position for the sub either out of the pool pointing North or in the pool beside a reference object.

  5. Review plan
    1. Chanop needs to carry out underwater tests to complete his thesis. Testing should be finished by the end of August to allow time for thesis writing. At least 3 days will be taken at the end of August while ACRA is on. Peter will be on a training course for 2 days from the 28th of August. Semester break starts in September for 4 weeks.

  6. Other business
    1. Chris suggested that the experiment/test sequence be documented to include compass testing in the test environment and quantitative and qualitative observations be described.
    2. Chanop suggested that the test sequence would begin by observing the operation of his gravity compensation control loop. Subsequent sub control tests would use a Vehicle Command sent from a remote computer in human time as this requires the commands to be hard-coded in the remote computer program source code.

Next Meeting: 1500 Wednesday, August 23rd due to snow trip next Wednesday.
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