Meeting Summary
from: 05Apr00 at 3:00pm 
with: Matt, Chris, Alex, Sunil, Chanop, Jordan, Peter, David

  • Status on individual activities
  • Status of CVS repository

  • Status

  • Matt is writing C++ code to implement the range estimator using Chanop's correlator code.
  • Chris has implemented posix threads for VxWorks.
  • Sunil has drafted a GUI screen design for sub position control.
  • Chanop is porting his Feature Tracker software to VxWorks. His motion controller is executing on Linux and updating the visualisation 3-D model in OpenGL.
  • Jordan is using Matlab for processing the WAM position data files.
  • Peter has made corrections to the Sensor Sampling software.

  • Action Items
  • The Robot Manager module should maintain a ping conversation with the Operator Interface to ensure that the on-board software is still executing.
  • Matt, Chanop, David and Peter to meet tomorrow to discuss the Feature Tracker implementation.
  • Peter to contact Mayer Krieg to resolve Kambara object module load error.

  • Some items to do:

  • Purchase vent for shed
  • Paint new cart

  • Underwater Robotics Project at the ANU Robotic Systems Laboratory
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