Meeting Summary
from: May 3rd 00 at 3:00pm 
with: Alex, Sunil, Chanop, Jordan, Matt, Peter, Samer

  • Status on individual activities

  • Status

  • Peter has a simple function running on the 68332.
  • Chanop is developing his Thruster Controller software in C and integer for 68332 execution. Implementing live WAM sensor state data acquisition.
  • Jordan is finishing his off-line Kalman Filter software. Further analysis has shown that the MotionPak gyro doesn't drift and the sensors are extremely accurate. Future work will determine the process model necessity and what effect the shielding matrix has.
  • Sunil's Operator Interface will be developed to transmit Pan/Tilt commands to the sub and receive the Telemetry Router state packets.
  • Alex requested papers from Chanop, Matt and Jordan for ACRA 99.

  • Next Meeting: 1500 Wednesday, May 10th

    New Action Items
  • Samer to acquire a 68332 development board from FEIT.
  • Undergraduates to submit a Table of Contents of their thesis to Samer by end of the week. Progress Reports are due next week too.

  • Previous Action Items
  • Peter to acquire a camcorder with polaroid filter and waterproof case. Camcorder acquired.
  • Chanop to obtain a fixed-point math C library.
  • Peter to add stereo camera placement to pre-dive checklist.
  • Peter to generate both Tornado 1 and Tornado 2 kernels for Kambara. Use Tornado 1 until further notice.
  • Peter to resolve software development issues and implement centralised software library management.
  • Harley to replace the epoxy in the bottom tube with Loctite. Loctite has been received. Preparation started.

  • Some items to do:

  • Purchase vent for shed
  • Paint new cart

  • Underwater Robotics Project at the ANU Robotic Systems Laboratory
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