Meeting Summary
from: August 2nd 2000 at 3:00pm 
with: Chanop, Chris, Peter

  1. Review minutes from last week.
  2. Review new problem form.
  3. Review previous action items.
  4. Status of hardware repairs.
  5. Status of software changes.
  6. Review plan/timetable.
  7. Other business.


  1. Review minutes
    1. Matt said that he isn't available to casually work on Kambara. Camera Calibration will be performed in Windows now. The output parameters can be read from a file into the kVision Feature Tracker at run time.
      The kVision Feature Tracker is the current development path for vision processing. Chanop will develop an interface spec that describes how to use the kVision module. Matt's range estimation code is being linked into kVision via a soft link.
    2. Sunil has modified the Operator Interface server to write the Telemetry Router messages to a /tmp log file in binary. It has been successfully tested at 100Hz. Chanop will attempt processing the data soon.
    3. Peter and Ben have repaired leak detection in the blue and green amplifier boxes.
    4. Chanop has created a README file and added interface comments into the Motion Controller module.
    5. Matt and Sunil have loaded their theses onto the sub, students web page. Jordan has yet to provide a pdf file of his thesis.
    6. Haydn Lowe spoke to Chris and Peter about working on the State Estimator or Feature Tracking sub-projects for his engineering project.
    7. Chanop's test sequence to be mailed to other team members when completed.

  2. New problem form
    Peter created a spreadsheet in StarOffice that can be used to define a hardware or software problem and propose solutions. From there the option chosen and actions taken can be logged to create a record of what and why things have been done. Chris suggested that the action person should be listed and a paper based form be used initially.

  3. Review action items
    1. Past Action Items - 19Jul00
      1. Chanop to implement current limiting in software to avoid amplifier and motor damage. 10Amp +- 20% limit has been implemented.
      2. Sunil or Ben to modify the Operator Interface to accept the new Telemetry Router message format.
      3. Sunil to describe the OI change to make the Log button active.
    2. Past Action Items - 12Jul00
      1. Peter to modify the Pre-dive checklist with discussed changes. Done.
      2. Peter to create a shopping list for sub experiment in the pool. Rope, magnets and fuses bought.
    3. Past Action Items - June00
      1. Jordan to write instructions for modifying and re-constructing his source code.
      2. Chanop to implement overflow detection in his MC68332 controller software.
      3. Test the new leak fix in the bottom tube.

  4. Status of hardware
    1. O-rings to be cut and pasted by Harley or Chris.
    2. Peter and Chanop to investigate the Blue motor PWM being driven full on.
    3. The amplifier boxes ground appearred to be a poor contact so Chris and Peter removed paint under the mounting bolt head. This bare metal will need to be covered with silicone before dunking the sub.

  5. Status of software changes
    1. The kVision module can accept a template from a remote PC over a socket. KVision can perform simple feature tracking of a template. Chanop will create the software interface spec as a README file in the module directory and comments in the header files.

  6. Review plan
    1. Chanop needs to carry out underwater tests to complete his thesis. Testing should be finished by the end of August to allow time for thesis writing. At least 3 days will be taken at the end of August while ACRA is on. Peter will be on a training course for 2 days around the 16th of August. Semester break starts in September for 4 weeks.
    2. Chris has run out of time to fully implement his learning algorithm on the sub as part of his research. A simple implementation may be done and Luke has a good grasp of the software if support is needed.

  7. Other business

Next Meeting: 1500 Wednesday, August 9th
Underwater Robotics Project at the ANU Robotic Systems Laboratory
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