Prof Rodney A. Kennedy
RSEng Engineering, CECS

 PhD Students


Current PhD Students

PhD Student Topic Start Date
Ni Ding Cross-layer Transmission Control in Wireless 07 Jan 2013
Yirui Cong Mobility Models and Analysis in Ad Hoc Networks 02 Dec 2013
Noman Akbar Massive MIMO 30 Mar 2015
Yuting Fang Molecular Communications 29 Sep 2015
Usama Elahi Harnessing Spherical Geometry in Data Processing Sep 2015

Recent Past PhD Students

Recently Graduated PhD Students

  • Alice Bates 2016 — Research Fellow, ANU
  • Yibeltal Alem 2015 — Lecturer Universty of Canberra, Australia
  • Shahriar Etemadi Tajbakhsh 2015 — Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Dr Prasad Samarasinghe 2014 — Managing Director, Lanka Bell, Sri Lanka
  • Dr Daniel Chae 2014 — SK telecom (South Korea Telecom), South Korea
  • Dr Nicolo Malagutti 2014 — ANU Casual Lecturer, Australia
  • Dr Zubair Khalid 2013 — Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, School of Science and Engineering, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan
  • Dr Ali Nasir 2013 — Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan
  • Dr Karan Zhang 2012 — Formally, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
  • Dr Pradeepa Samarasinghe 2011 — Head, Department of Information Technology, Faculty of Computing, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SIIT), Sri Lanka

Future Students

How to Apply to the ANU Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program

Follow the application process described in Graduate Research

  • Perform the Self Assessment
  • If you pass the first step then read Pre-application process
  • Send an email to me that:
    1. is clear and coherent
    2. indicates where you were ranked in your year, and prizes you have received
    3. lists or includes papers you have written (theses)
    4. uses only PDF attachments (not Word docx)
    5. contains only academically pertinent information