Chairman's Welcome

On behalf of all the members of the Organizing Committee, I would like to welcome you to the 1st International Conference on Signal Processing and Telecommunication Systems, ICSPCS'2007. The conference evolved from the series of successful symposia and workshops, i.e. International Symposia on DSP and Communication Systems, and Workshops on the Internet, Telecommunications and Signal Processing, and ICSPCS'2007 incorporates the 9th International Symposium on DSP and Communication Systems (DSPCS'2007) and the 6th Workshop on the Internet, Telecommunications and Signal Processing, WITSP'2007. It has been an intention of the Organizing Committee to make future ICSPCS events being held annually at different locations.

This year response to the call for papers was exceptional, with 207 full paper submissions. All submitted papers have been put through a rigorous peer review process, and each paper received at least two but often three peer reviews. Based on those reviews, 96 papers have been accepted, and included in the program - 50 for oral and 47 for poster presentations. To complement the program, Prof. Jacob Gavan, an IEEE Fellow and the distinguished speaker, will present an opening address: "Base Stations and Headsets Mobile Radio Systems Radiation: Analysis, Mitigation and Simulations Techniques".

At this point, I wish to thank the authors who put so many efforts, first in preparing their manuscripts for submission, and then for incorporating reviewers' comments in the camera-ready papers. I extend my sincere thanks to the members of the Technical Program Committee for organizing reviews for the papers, and the actual reviewers for thorough reviews of the papers.

Finally, I would like to thank the financial sponsors of this event, the ARC Communications Research Network, ACoRN, and the Defense Science and Technology Organization, DSTO. Without their generous support, the ICSPCS'2007 would not materialize.

I hope that you will take pleasure in staying in this beautiful resort on the Gold Coast, whose friendly atmosphere will facilitate peer-to-peer interactions and networking and be a pleasant supplement to the research benefits of the Conference.

Welcome to the Gold Coast and enjoy the Conference!

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