Course Convenor in ENGN 6528, First Semester, 2020, Computer Vision (Post-Graduate).

Course Convenor in ENGN 8535, First Semester, 2019, Engineering Data Analytics.

Course Convenor in ENGN 8539 (new course)[NOT TO BE OFFERED in 2019], Second Semester, 2019, Advanced topics in Computer Vision.

Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture in ENGN 8536, 2018 in ANU [course convenor: A/Prof. Nick Barnes], talking about "Deep Learning in Geometric Scene Understanding and 3D Reconstruction."

Guest Lecture in ENGN 6627, 2018 in ANU [course convenor: Dr. Viorela ila], talking about "Robotic Vision".

Guest Lecture in ENGN 8536, 2017 in ANU [course convenor: Prof. Richard Hartley], talking about "Deep Learning-based 3D Reconstruction".